Paul Rowlett

I would like to say a huge thank you for showing an interest in our group. It always humbles me when I see all the exciting businesses who ask for information about one of our brands. Whether it’s on a casual basis or an offi­cial tender, either way it always makes me and my team keep our eye on the ball and keep a consistent level of service going. Being the CEO and founder of the group, I always strive to keep our companies working to the same level of commitment from when I started my own business journey from my bedroom in 2010. These key ingredients are fundamental in keeping outstanding levels of service, which ultimately gives us the success we have experienced today. Many would argue that the main ingredients would be hard work and drive, which I fully agree – but often people miss the number one ingredient, and that’s passion. That passion drives our goal, to always “Aim higher in whatever you do”. This mindset and ethos is one of the main building blocks of our company training plan that I believe in so strongly. As a client you will find that you may not be dealing with a Harvard or Oxford graduate, but I can personally guarantee that everyone of our team will give you and your company that extra sprinkle of something that no university can teach. Passion. By adding passion to everything we do as a company, we make sure you as a client gets a product that’s not only on budget and in time, but a product that will ultimately give you a measurable and strong return on investment. Thank you for your time today and I hope that one of our brands can add that sprinkle of something special to help you or your company’s dreams become a reality. Just like mine did in 2010.


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