Artwork top tips – getting your artwork print ready

23rd February 2018 Design Top Tips

This post was first published on our site here. Our team has come together to give some industry-wide artwork top tips, making it an easier and smoother process to get your fantastic branded products.

Artwork top tips to get your designs print ready

We understand that getting your artwork ready to be printed onto one of our promotional products can be a little daunting. Although our design team offers unlimited free visuals and artwork amendments, it’s always nice not to worry about your artwork. Hopefully some of these artwork top tips can put your mind at ease.

Our fantastic design team have put together some artwork top tips to make sure your artwork is as print ready as you can make it. Our top tips have come from common questions are sales team get asked. Joe, Pierce, Irene and Alex from our design team have put some thoughts together on your most comment questions.

What format does the artwork need to be?

This is the most common and the most important question. As long as the file is a high resolution JPEG or PNG, or an editable file such as AI/ESP/PDF, then it’ll be all good. If possible try to avoid screenshots or pictures please!

Can I get it printed in one colour?

We know that you want to get as many promotional products for your budget as possible, but unfortunately not all artwork can be printed in one colour.

We will always try and work to your print requirements, but unfortunately many logos with multiple colours just won’t work with a one colour print. Pantones

How accurate are the colours on the visual?

This can be a difficult one with no true solution, so it’s more of an answer for awareness rather than a top tip. Everyone’s screens have different settings so pantones can look different to how they’ll look in real life.

How accurate is the fonts and text on the visuals?

The text on the visuals will be spot on. One thing to mention is the occasional glitch that PDF readers throw up. Sometimes a letter or number will look bold or larger when zoomed out. If you zoom in and take a closer look everything will be OK. Unfortunately that’s an issue with PDF that we can’t do anything about.

Can I have a 3D visual?

We are proud of the fact we can offer 3D visuals on a range of our products, but with so many products available we don’t have the ability to create 3D visuals on all of the products. If possible we’ll always try and give you a 3D visual. Our non-3D visuals are still great for showing you the print area and locations of the prints on your promotional products.

If you have any more questions or queries about our artwork top tips please leave a comment below.

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