Group Sales Manager USA

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Group Sales Manager
Peat House, Leicester
£28,000 +

Group Sales Manager roles

The role of the group sales manager is to be the main point of contact for all the company’s brands and interests. Working closely with the director of sales he will implement any new strategy agreed and maintain discipline and professionalism in line with company procedures.

As a group sales manager you should lead by example by keeping professional image and understand all the company procedures inside out. They should always think of the company first

Key management responsibilities

Ensure sales team maintain high customer satisfaction at all times and understand the importance of repeat business.

Contribute at all meetings to help with new strategies, tactics and sales plans.

Represent the company at networking events and trade shows.

Ensure the sales team follows the company’s procedures set down in his/her job description and staff handbook.

Develop and maintain excellent relationships with VIP and key clients for the company including helping the sales team on all large enquires.

Set weekly / monthly / quarterly goals for the sales staff that are struggling in certain areas.

Ensure the sales team keep to company procedure on margin, service levels and response time.  (this to be put on wall in sales office)

Manage breaks, time off and carry out back to work interviews for sickness days.

Conduct interviews with help of MD

Making sure that ALL staff follow company sales procedures and use all company reporting and recording software. ( sales tracker )

Key Tasks

At your discretion conduct morning sales meeting due to changes in the business or issues you may have with the sales team.

Take a weekly sales meeting with Director of sales to go over sales stats and strengths and weaknesses.

Attend monthly board meeting of all management and contribute to include strengths and weaknesses and any issues.

Monitor call stats daily

Monitor break times and lateness and discipline accordingly

With company budget from management offer weekly incentive which is to be agreed at monthly meeting.


Salary £28,000 (£13.73 hourly rate) + car options after 3 months probation (fuel not paid unless work requirement)


Flat 10%

Share of bonus per quarter based on figures agreed and company hitting KPI

Monthly incentive budget to help hit target


Apply for this vacancy

To apply for this vacancy please send your CV and a covering letter to or by post to:

Charles Alexander Distribution Ltd
Centre Court
Meridian North
Meridian Business Park
Leicester LE19 1WD
United Kingdom

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