Daily Mail Feature

22nd July 2020

Self-made millionaire who was kicked out of school at 15 pledges to help a Year 11 boy start his own business after spending six weeks undercover in the classroom

  • Paul Rowlett, 37, from Leicester, turns over £28M a year with brands company
  • He poses undercover as support worker at a secondary school in Hertfordshire 
  • The entrepreneur pays for a private tutor for Courtney and offers Loui a job
  • They will all feature in tonight’s episode of channel 4 show The Secret Teacher 

A marketing mogul who was expelled from school aged 15 with only one GCSE offers two students a life-changing opportunity in C4 documentary The Secret Teacher.

In tonight’s episode, entrepreneur Paul Rowlett, 37, from Leicester, who runs Everything Branded, a company that specialises in branded products and turns over £28 million a year, poses as a support worker at a secondary school in Hertfordshire.

After struggling at school, the self-made millionaire wants to use his own experience
to find children he thinks he can help – and is immediately drawn to ‘cheeky chappy’ Louis, and student Courtney, both 15.

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