Four top tips for marketing your brand during the World Cup

5th April 2018 World Cup 2018

Four top tips for marketing your brand during the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is one of the largest and most popular sporting events in the world. Whether it’s Senegal stunning France in the opening game in 2002, England crashing out on penalties in 1990, 1998 and 2006, or Germany destroying Brazil 7-1 on their way to their fourth title in 2014, interest, drama and emotion are always high during the four weeks.

To take advantage of the popular event, the team at have put together three top tips to ensure your marketing campaigns are as successful as possible.


We’ve already mentioned that football is one of the most emotive sports. It’s a great idea to try and get your brand to take advantage of that added emotion in your marketing campaigns. Football – and wider sport – can inspire and create real life feel-good stories. The kind of stories that a marketing campaign can, and have, been based on.

Keep an eye on trademarks

Companies pay a lot of money to be official sponsors of the World Cup, so naturally FIFA are hot on the brand’s using their logos and images without permission. The key is to try to use the World Cup and the theme of football in a creative way without using the protected logos and trademarks. Chat about football, or Russia. Your audience will know what you’re discussing.

Be social

TV is still king when it comes to World Cup marketing but there are still ways of getting involved in the marketing through digital and social media marketing. It’s a relatively cheap (or even free) way of getting your brand seen by the right people. Whether you’re trying to build a community around your brand, or you have an established community you’re marketing towards, if you have the shaped the right content for your channel, the World Cup can see your follower count flying up.

Promotional products

The best thing about promotional products is their versatility. Promotional products can be used as a cornerstone for a marketing campaign or to accompany a wider scoped publicity drive. Printed products can be used as giveaways for social media campaigns. They can also be used for fundraising for charities and non-profit organisations by selling printed trinkets (just keep an eye on those trademark issues).

The World Cup offers a once every four years opportunity to give your brand a boost in exposure. For more information about how to use promotional products in your marketing campaigns, especially focused around the World Cup, head to