Paulie’s Diner – Chris Pitts

Chris Pitts Joined the company as Group Director Of Operations in June, 2017.  Chris is a welcome asset to the team at a point where the Group is growing exponentially. His expertise in both Sales and Operations have already helped the business achieve record turnovers back to back.  We all look forward to a very exciting 2018 with Chris’ Direction.

What was your first impression of EverythingBranded?

Before I joined Everythingbranded I had already completed a few visits to get an idea of the vibe and ethos of the teams and Group.  It was exciting to see just how successful the business model has been.  All of the teams were very welcoming and open.  This enabled me to very quickly see where I could build structure and help both individuals and the Group grow. As with any business that is growing, you have “growing pains”. This is mainly due to changes that are implemented and how well the teams adapt. It is great to see that now we have the right people doing a fantastic job that the company is stronger than ever with huge potential for further growth throughout 2018. First impressions: Strong business model, strong teams, exciting times ahead!

What has surprised you most about working with EverythingBranded?

My biggest surprise has been the creativity of our CEO, Paul Rowlett.  Of course, he has built a multimillion and multinational business, but it is great to see how his mind works and how well we are able to bounce ideas around to improve the business. I’m sure that most people in my position have not gelled as quickly as we have. In addition, it has been great to see how well the teams have adapted to the added infrastructure and changes to their working processes.  Its not an easy feat to change processes and it has bean a pleasant surprise to have all of the teams buy in to the changes with minimal fuss.  Well done to all.

What do you like most about your job?

I can’t single anything out.  Everyday is different.  I suppose I could say, that is what I enjoy the most, variety and learning something new each day.  It is far from being a mundane 9-5 job. We are busy all day, everyday with many different scenarios to tackle, good and bad.

How has the company changed since you’ve been here?

There have been multiple changes to the teams, the infrastructure, the processes, daily routines and also the mindset of the teams.  I have had to get the small business mentality out of the whole group.  We are a multimillion pound business and we have to take the confidence of this and make sure we act like a multimillion pound business.  Through all of these changes we have continued to hit record sales month after month.  The changes have us poised to take on 2018.

Where do you see it going in the next year?

The Group on the UK side has a fantastic growth plan for 2018 both with new recruits and organic growth.  The UK teams will double over the year and our ultimate plan is to have the flagship brand,, hitting the £1million mark per month!

The US side of the business,, is on the verge of occupying their brand new HQ in Leicester City Centre. The total head count will be circa 150 employees including Sales Teams, Training Managers, Finance and Administration. Very exciting times for the whole Group in 2018