Top Retail Christmas Adverts 2017

29th November 2017

Paddington Charles Alexander Distribution

With Christmas coming up next month well-known retailers have been releasing their Christmas adverts. We’ve looked at promotional products in the gift giving season, but it’s always fun to have a look at some of the most talked about adverts. We’ll be looking at a few of the top Christmas ad of the year.

John Lewis

The John Lewis Christmas advert is one of the most anticipated adverts of the year and usually well looked forward to. This year it tells a story of a friendship between a young boy and his imaginary monster Moz, who lives under his bed.

John Lewis producing yet another heart-warming story, a great song cover of the Beatles song Golden Slumbers by Elbow. The music makes the advert feel even more emotional.

The advert ends with Moz giving Joe a night light for Christmas to help him sleep, sadly this makes Moz disappear until he turns the light off.  There’s a small message at the end, relating to their Christmas gifts. Like most Christmas adverts – the story plays on those familiar festive emotions.


Following their successful advert last year, Heathrow Airport has bought back the cuddly teddy bears Mr and Mrs Bair. The story follows the couple at the airport from 1967 to present day, as we see them longingly wait for each other to return.

One of the best Christmas adverts of year. Again the advert plays on those familiar emotions as most people can relate to how it feels when a family goes away for a long time, especially around Christmas.


This years M&S advert features a well-loved children’s character Paddington Bear. With Paddington 2 released around the same time, it doubles as marketing for the film too.

The advert begins with Paddington Bear stopping a burglar stealing his Christmas presents, Paddington quickly convinces him to return the Christmas presents so he can save Christmas for his neighbours.

Paddington Bear shows the burglar a family enjoying themselves and this makes the burglar realise how much Christmas means to people. In the end he gives the burglar a sandwich and they have a nice goodbye hug.


Very’s Christmas follows a heartfelt story of young girl named Anna delivering pink Christmas presents to everyone on her list, taking her cuddly wolf toy everywhere she goes.

She even tries to deliver a present to Santa in the North Pole. Anna gets lost in the snow and the wolf comes alive to help her deliver the present. Sadly, they get separated when she loses the present.

Thankfully she gets reunited with her wolf toy at the end, as Santa sent it back to her. This Christmas advert focuses on the joy of giving gifts to others.

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