Youtube, Twitch or Promotional Products?

11th December 2017

Youtube or Promotional Products? How video games are promoted

Video games are being advertised everywhere, the competition is extremely tough. Millions of people every day play video games, it’s a way to escape reality and be in your own world. The age range varies from all ages; this is the reason why the gaming industry is the most populated and the most competitive industry, companies in this industry spend a lot of money to market their product and to gain exposure.

Gaming companies across the globe are using various of ways of promoting their own product. The digital world is very powerful for getting the message across, companies promote their games by investing money into a professional advertisement that is shown on public television and video gaming broadcasts platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

YouTube is an extremely popular platform for video gaming in general. YouTube is a platform where anyone can become content creators, millions of people every day spend more time watching videos on YouTube than television.

For most videos on YouTube you must watch a 30 second to one-minute advertisement because the video is monetised. If the video you’re watching is gaming related, you will get an advertisement for a game trailer. Gaming industries target these gaming videos because they know that the viewer has an interest in games, it’s a good promotional technique because it reaches out to millions of people every day.

Twitch is also another popular platform. Unlike YouTube where it is a more general talk about anything platform, Twitch is primarily focused on gaming, it is the complete video gaming platform. This platform allows anyone to livestream any game they want, this is brilliant for gaming companies as their primary audience is all on one platform. Everybody that livestreams must have an advertisement at the beginning at the stream, every single person that joins the live stream at any point must also watch an advertisement about gaming.

Gaming companies invest a lot of money to show their advertisement on Twitch because thousands of people every day visit Twitch to watch their favourite broadcasters.

Promotional products also play a key role in the marketing of video games.

Companies offer limited special editions of their game, these are often known as collector’s edition. These contain posters, action figures, art books and anything related to the game, this is a great promotional method because gamers like having personal collectibles of their favourite game as it shows their passion for games.  The exclusive gifts operate the same as promotional gifts. They add to the product and the remind the consumer of the game.

Giveaways are also a brilliant technique to promote a product, anyone can enter a giveaway as its free. Companies announce their giveaways on Twitter and Facebook because the gaming community can be reached through the social media platforms. By doing this the company is gaining recognition and is growing.

Promotional products don’t always have to take the shape of a printed mug or a personalised pen, sometimes they’re equally as effective when the promotional product is a Darth Vader figure to support the new Star Wars game.

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